Econo-Decks Winnipeg

Economical Decks

Our Econo-Decks are built with all brown treated lumber and a aluminum railing system making it your economical solution for your backyard space. We did not want to sacrifice on the quality so we still use our engineered helical screw piles keeping the same solid foundation we use on all our deck projects! These decks are specifically designed for the budget shopper who is looking for a place in their backyard to relax, grill and make memories with family and friends. Don’t be fooled by the lower price of these decks, though, and they are still quality built to the standards you’ve come to know from MaenDecks.



Standard Features of our EconoDecks

  • built to & above building code standards
  • engineered helical screw pile foundation (we take care of underground locate)
  • all material used is brown treated
  • joist spaced 16”oc
  • 2×6 deck boards
  • 2×12 stair stringers
  • back aluminum railing system

We can also take care of your building permits and if any engineering or design work is required we can do that as well. Please ask us about it and we can provide you more info and pricing.




Get a Custom Econo-Deck Quote

Interested in getting one of our Econo-Decks? Get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with a detailed quote—it will all depend on the deck size you’re looking for. These brown treated wood decks can beautify your outdoor space without breaking the bank. Get a free quote; call us today!

Benefits of Building an Economical Deck

Cost Savings

Our Econo-Decks cost substantially less than our custom built decks without sacrificing quality. We can build and install a Econo-Deck for you, built with brown treated lumber, for less than the competition. As one of the most cost-effective decking products on the market, our Econo-Decks help you save money!

Adds Value to Your Home

A new deck can increase the value of your home, improving curb appeal and offering a place for people to relax, unwind, and enjoy the outdoors. Our Econo-Decks are built with high-quality materials; they’re complete with aluminum railings and stairs and supported with engineered helical screw-piles. They can add significant value to a home. Replace your old deck with our cost-effective Econo-Decks!

Flexibility in Functionality and Size

Our brown treated wooden decks offer incredible value per square foot—and your deck can be as many or as few square feet as you need! Despite their low cost, our wooden decks are highly customizable and can fit into almost any space. Thanks to the brown-treated wood we use, our decks are incredibly durable, making them a low investment solution no matter what you use them for. Relaxing, barbecuing, a place for the kids to play; no matter what you want to use your deck for, our Econo-Decks are the perfect fit.

Some of Our Previous Econo-Deck Installations

Our professional deck builders have installed several Econo-Decks over the years; we make deck installation easy. Here are a few examples of the economical deck building we’ve done over the years:

Let Us Build Your Dream Econo-Deck

The team of deck-building pros at MaenDecks have a simple dream: To help everyone in Winnipeg who wants a deck have the ability to afford one. You can have your dream yard without spending a fortune; our Econo-Decks offer style, durability, and functionality.

Let us build your dream deck—with all our standard features—for less. Built and installed for you, our contractors will handle everything. Contact us today—let’s build your dream deck together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Considered an Economical Deck?

With our Econodecks we have simply replaced some of the features from our custom decks to features that are more standard giving us the ability to offer better prices to our customers. We build economical decks Winnipeg residents have trusted for years—despite their low cost, our decks are built with high-quality materials. Our lowest-cost decks can be built for around $43 per square foot; that’s substantially less than what it would cost for composite decking—all without sacrificing quality.

How Do You Keep Costs Low?

We use brown-treated wood instead of composite decking; this makes our Econo-Decks cost substantially less than a comparable composite deck. Using the same materials for all of our Econo-Decks, along with standardized sizing, allows us to lower costs through economies of scale, purchasing in bulk from our suppliers. Our team is also trained in Econo-Deck installation; they work quickly because the materials and sizes are consistent.

Do You Compromise on Quality?

Never. Our reputation is our lifeblood; even our least expensive decks are built with high-quality materials and expert-level craftspersonship. Your deck will be built with high-quality brown-treated wood and aluminum railings, then supported using helical screw-piles. We build our decks above building code standards, so you’ll never have a problem securing a permit. With joists spaced 16” on-centre, care taken to ensure the helical screw pile is installed at the perfect place underground, and quality materials used throughout, you’re getting a high-quality wooden deck for less.

What Size Decks Work Best on a Budget?

The smaller your deck is, the less it will cost you—the math is as simple as that. Larger decks will, however, cost less per square foot. Think about why you’re getting a deck installed; there may be no point in getting a very small deck if you’re using it to host, but getting a very large deck might be overkill. Think about your budget, your goals, and how your deck will affect the resale value of your home. These factors should help you decide on the right size deck for your needs.

How Long Does an Economical Deck Last?

Untreated wooden decks last for 5-8 years, but our economical wooden decks last much longer. Thanks to our use of brown-treated lumber, our economical decks are built to last 10-15 years with proper maintenance. You, your friends, and your family will be able to enjoy your deck for decades—barbecuing, relaxing, and gathering together. All this for a fraction of the cost of composite decks; it’s an incredible deal.